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The Dance Into Divinity

Avital doing Yoga Posture

Through consciously transforming the way we move, we can shift our energy, channel it to the divine, and come to peace and stillness within ourselves. In mystical Judaism the word for Dew in Hebrew signifies divine nourishment in a hidden manner. That is exactly what is behind each yoga posture and dance routine: a subtle way to tap into your mind, emotions, and soul.  Visit Website

The Holistic Health Directory

Network with other like minded holistic individuals. Search for your favorite holistic practitioner or product. Submit health articles. Visit Website

Spirit Find, A Spiritual Web Directory Visit Website

The Expanding Light

The Expanding Light Retreat Center

The Expanding Light Ananda Village’s premier retreat for yoga, meditation and health. Calendar of Programs Classes on yoga, meditation, holistic health, spiritual growth, teacher training, and adventures in spiritual travel are offered year ’round. We offer more than 50 retreats a year, including Yoga Teacher Training. Visit Website

Posture Alignment Therapy

Uddhava (David) Ramsden

Learn how to regain your health and live a pain free life style. Change your present limitations and return to your favorite activities of walking, running, sports, golf, bicycling. Improve your posture.  Simple exercises, tailored specifically for the fundamental issues that prevent you from actively functioning the way your body was designed. Eliminate the cause of musculoskeletal pain without drugs, surgery or manipulation.  Visit Website

Aspirations Inc.

Dr. Rasheed Nefertete

Spiritual and Holistic Counselor assists individuals, couples and groups in gaining; understanding and insight into their emotional and archetypal patterns in order for them to be empowered to make dynamic and positive changes in their lives. Her mission is to help people connect with their inner guidance. Visit Website

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