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Our Connective Flow to the Source

by Uddhava Ramsden

Energetic Spine

Universal Life Force

This Universal energy or life force penetrates our entire reality. This primordial life force of nature creates mountains, governs the ocean currents, flow of rivers, and weather patterns. No living thing can exist without a continual flow of this Life force. There is virtually no space, or object in space, where we can’t find this energy and observe its effects. Its source is inexhaustible. It is the real sustainer of life.

Recognized by Many Cultures

This universal life force is our connective flow to the Source of the entire Universe. Life force energy sustains all life forms and has been recognized by many cultures since ancient times. Life force energy is known as chi in China, ki in Japan and prana in India. According to the Hindu scriptures, the food of the future will be almost solely this life energy from the cosmos. When man's body, mind, and soul batteries run down, they will be recharged directly by cosmic energy.  Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.' "

Life Force Circulates in the Body

The movement of the life force within the human body  circulates through human energy channels called meridians. There is a number of different energy healing systems consciously or intuitively developed by different cultures throughout the human history, yet each aimed of restoring the normal flow of this life energy. A healthy body is harmonically balanced so that every organ, bone, tissue, etc. has a Life force energy that boost our vitality and energy levels and support the functioning of our organs, including the cardio-­respiratory system. This life force circulates throughout the body with our blood flow so like every living organism we can assimilate this chi.

Energy Enters the Brain

The first function of life force in the body is to supply energy directly to the brain. The all-surrounding Cosmic Energy enters the brain through the medulla oblongata. From the medulla, life energy is also transmitted to the heart, lungs, diaphragm and to every organ and every cell in the body. Life force is the electric power that directly energizes the cells and keeps them functioning in a living way. Flowing into the body through the medulla, life force keeps the body battery charged with life. Breath, food, and sunshine are merely subsidiary sources of energy.  This activating life force creates additional electrical power for the body battery. Everything works in harmony, without emotional, physical or energetic conflict. Attitude and belief structures are crucial in a person’s ability to hold this healthy pattern.


Disease is this energy field out of balance, which happens when your body is not recognizing its natural state of harmony for proper flow of life force. Disease is found in non-vibrating, non-charged, or non-energized cells. By increasing this prana life force and re-energizing our cells, we are able to  bring our bodies back to a healthy balance with this source. Ideal health is a state of no energy blockages, where energy flows freely throughout our body. When everything works in harmony, without emotional, physical or energetic conflict we increase the body's natural self-healing ability. Attitudes and belief structures are crucial in a person’s ability to hold a healthy pattern.

Energy Pathways

In ancient Indian medicine, Nadis are the channels or energy pathways that carry Prana or life force throughout the body and connect at special energy points called chakras. The Sanskrit term ‘Nadi’ weave through our physical nerves as well as the subtle circuitry (yoga nadis) of the mind, and self, The Sushumna is the central channel of energy in the human body that runs from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and carries Kundalini energy, the primal awakening evolutionary force within, and is awakened through the practice of Yoga.

You are a Vital Ingredient in Restoring your Health.

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