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Wisdom to Heal - About Us

Serving the Highest Good for Optimal Health

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Wisdom to Heal is a non-profit membership organization that provides education, leadership,  and support for healing practitioners and holistic and wellness services for the public.

Wisdom To Heal is an organization of practitioners and educators that have expertise in various healing modalities. We endeavor to strengthen the field of Holistic Health by providing the highest level of service to our clients.

    Our Convictions

  • You probably know more about our own personal health then anyone else in the world.

  • Your instincts are likely to guide us if we listen to them.

  • The subtle body has no design flaws.

  • Pain is a signal that should not be feared if we to listen our higher instincts.

  • Progressive and effective therapies treat the whole body as a unit.

  • Age is not the determining factor in health.

  • A positive attitude is important to becoming healthy.

  • Limited or negative thoughts are detrimental to good health.

  • Our current beliefs may be an obstacle in creating and enjoying optimal health.

  • There are universal laws

  • The more laws we violate, the faster we age and erode our health.

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