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Take an Active Part in your Healing

by Uddhava

Children moving in Various Ways  
  • Quiet the Restless Mind (Meditate)

  • Listen to your Inner Voice

  • Pray and Ask the Divine Source of Healing Energy to Help You

  • Trust that Help Will come

  • Be Kind and Good 

  • Eat better, try to Eliminate Processed foods

  • Avoid Sugar

  • Drink Water

  • Exercise and Move in a Variety of Ways

  • Enjoy Fresh Air and Sun

  • Get adequate Rest and Sleep, try not to Oversleep

  • Think Positive Thoughts and be Creative

  • Release Desires; Be Content

  • Visualize a Positive Future Filled with Love light and Joy

  • Know that your True Nature can never be Sick

  • Be Patient, Healing takes time.

  • Visualize the Divine Energy in your Body

  • Forgive and Forget

  • Love your Enemies

  • Deeply Breathe

  • Be kind to your body

  • Read watch and listen to inspiring stories

  • Invite Saintly People into your Life

  • Satisfy you Spiritual Hunger, Commune with the Divine

  • Be the Person you would like to Meet

  • Add Vegetable Juice to your Diet

  • Be Responsible for your own Healing

  • Laugh with Joy and Love

  • Always be Aware of your Behavior

  • Behave Yourself

  • Don’t blame Others for your Failures

  • Find in every Person some Quality to Love

  • Pain is Telling you to Change

  • Stop being Self-Absorbed; help Others

  • Find Support

  • Visualize success

  • Believe that Challenges are Helping you grow Stronger

  • Test the food you are eating; You may be Allergic to Certain Foods

  • Listen, read, sing, beautiful Inspiring Thoughts

  • Commune with the Angles

  • Be Grateful for your Life

  • Clean and make your Personal Space Uplifting

  • Use your Energy to solve Problems, don’t endlessly just Think about problems

  • Lighten up, Accept Life as it Is

  • Stop Complaining, Complaining is an open Invitation for Troubles

  • Live Today, Be in the Now

  • Eliminate Regrets and Guilt

  • Spend Some Time Alone

  • Spend less time with Friends that have low Negative Energy

  • Don’t Entertain yourself with Negative Energy

  • Activity Journal

  • Practice using your Dynamic Willpower, Set a Goal

  • Reduce Stress

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