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Wisdom to Heal - Frequently asked Questions

What is Wisdom to Heal?

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Wisdom to Heal is a non-profit membership organization that provides education, leadership, and support for healing practitioners and holistic and wellness services for the public.

Our practitioners offer a number of modalities and therapies for improving the body's vitality. You will receive a program tailored specifically for you that will help you address the fundamental issues that may be hindering you from living an optimally healthy and "energetic life.” We can help you gain insight and understanding about your body and physical challenges.

Is Wisdom to Heal only for those in pain?

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Our clients include:

  • Professional and amateur athletes wanting to get into the best shape possible.

  • Individuals who with the support of their physicians want to safely avoid or reduce their need for medications and prescription drugs.

  • Individuals who want to get in touch with their creative or higher self.

  • Individuals with general anxiety or dysphoria.

  • Individuals seeking pain relief from back, foot, or shoulder pain.

  • Individuals of all ages seeking to improve their general health and vitality.

Do I really have to do the change my life style?

Balanced Lifestyle

Yes and no. If you want to change and balance your health and life-style, on a regular basis you will have to give attention and energy to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. This may include exercise, right diet, positive affirmations and the elimination of negative habits.

If you find that you have chronic health problems, you have to empower yourself to make changes for the better. Don’t settle for the perception of seeing yourself as fragile, complicated and beyond hope or help. It's just not true.

How long must I continue working with my practitioner?

Change HabitsThere never is a one-size fits all scenario. Working on yourself is a serious and profound undertaking. If you are working on postural alignment for example, most people will find that if they commit to at least 45-min/day of exercise for 3 months, they will experience a significant change in energy and physical health. After the 3-month period, a majority of clients choose to continue with a daily routine because of the continued benefits they experience. Hopefully, you will make a sufficient commitment of time appropriate to your goals to get and see results.

Will my these changes make me uncomfortable?>


Occasionally the changes you are integrating into your daily routines may require a period of adjustment. Life- style changes should never increase your symptoms. If you experience increasing discomfort, please contact your therapist. Our therapists use techniques that address the whole person and the entire body so your ease and comfort is our highest priority.

Do I need special equipment for my home program?

You will not need any special equipment and we will never require you to purchase any products or equipment.

Are there any "hands on" treatments involved in your therapies?

Our practitioners use a variety of methods and treatments. Interventions and techniques are especially designed to provide you with tools and resources to make lasting changes in the body.

What does a session look like?  

Questions Concerns CommentsOur therapists will all have different protocols. You will however receive personal, one-on-one instruction. Each therapist will address any questions or concerns you have and will make treatment adjustments and recommendations as your condition and health improves.

In general, the more you generate better life-style or dietary habits, the better you will be able to build the body’s integrity and strength.

Do the Wisdom to Heal body therapies differ from yoga?

Yoga Posture TwistYes. We are big fans of yoga but in a class environment, participants are given the same exercises or movements to perform. They are not customized to create specific postural responses but are designed for general health or conditioning. A person experiencing intense or chronic pain or having functional limitation needs a targeted approach to address their specific issues. Our therapists will address your unique posture and functional issues. In fact, if you are a yoga student, you will find your postures more enjoyable.

I am going out of town and will not have time to institute a new life style?.

You should consult with your therapist. He/she may be able to construct a flexible program that will accommodate your schedule and help you to continue to make therapeutic gains in your treatment.

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